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SGL Serve Coffeemaker
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SGL Serve Coffeemaker



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Perfect for both personal use and entertaining, this single-serve home-brewing system offers consumers fresh gourmet coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more in under one minute. Using Keurig K-Cups - featuring over two hundred varieties of pre-measured, premium brand coffee and tea - this brewer's innovative one-touch technology makes it easier than ever for consumers to enjoy a wide array of hot beverages. Or use the My K-Cup reusable coffee filter and fill it with any gourmet ground coffee to suit personal tastes.Features:Hot water button lets consumers enjoy their favorite instant coffee, soup, tea and hot cocoa, in no time.Rinse control instantly cleans the inside of the brew chamber to keep every cup as delicious as the first.Extra large removable 80-oz. water reservoir offers impressive capacity, eliminating the need for frequent refills.Fully programmable full spectrum of features includes Auto On/Off and adjustable temperature control.Blue backlit LCD with digital clock brightly displays information, at an easy-to-read glance.5-cup sizes includes an iced beverage setting.Quiet brew technology lets you enjoy every cup more peacefully than ever.Removable drip tray allows extra space for travel mugs.BPA free (all part that come in contact with water or coffee).My K-Cup reusable coffee filter can be filled with any gourmet ground coffee, to suit personal tastes, and conveniently st


Model No.: SS-700

Capacity: 80-oz. removable water reservoir

Depth: 12.91-in.

Height: 16.22-in.

Width: 14.61-in.

Product Details:
Product Length: 10.2 inches
Product Width: 13.5 inches
Product Height: 12.1 inches
Product Weight: 19.0 pounds
Package Length: 16.2 inches
Package Width: 14.7 inches
Package Height: 13.1 inches
Package Weight: 15.7 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1741 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 1741 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

516 of 535 found the following review helpful:

5Minor Problem Solved with PersistanceJun 16, 2010
By Chai Tea "java and a good read"
This unit replaces a Keurig mini that I now us for travel. It makes a flavorful, hot cup of coffee. I have been a Keurig fan for three years. I purchased this machine in Feb. 2010 from BB&B. Like other readers, I have had a few pump problems when there seemed to be an air lock in the pump and water would not flow into the heating chamber. The instruction booklet tells you to turn it off and unplug the unit, then restart. I have found that when I refill the water tank I just need to make sure it is properly seated and tap it to make sure the water is getting into the hose that pumps it into the heating chamber. I also use the hot water feature the first "brew" after refilling the tank to make sure the pump is pulling water. (The easiest solution to the pump "problem" is to not take the water chamber off of the base and just refill it with a pitcher as needed.) I did some online research and found that this pump problem was suppose to have been fixed since I purchased my machine. I might have returned this machine for the newer "fixed" model if the BB&B where I purchased it had not closed. I love the coffee from this machine and have had no further pump issues since employing the solutions noted above.

1170 of 1229 found the following review helpful:

2So GREAT! "Update"Jul 08, 2010
By S. Skwarkowski
As many others here, I have evolved from a Keurig system. So for those thinking about buying a Keurig, please fully read all the reviews you can. If it wasnt for me being the only coffee drinker in the house, I wouldnt require a single cup brewing system. So for those looking into buying Keurig brewing system, consider the Cuisinart. It is licensed to be manufactured by Keurig, bu appears to be much better quality. I had my first Keurig go out with within 6 months. Then my second stopped functioning properly after less than 45-days. Same issue as another review, the Keurig Platinum began brewing small, random sized amounts of coffee and would also get confused on how much to brew and when to stop. Found out once it was returned to the store, the unit was recalled (for defective water pumps). Which also meant ALL the stores in town were ALL sold they were all returned to the vendor.

Now, my buddy convinced me to get the Cuisinart. I have owned many Cuisinart kitchen utensils, but never anything electric. So I was skeptical to say the least. But at the same time I had to replace my last 2 Keurigs. So why not.

Now, 2 months later, a whole lot of coffee (125 servings +) and it is working great! I can only hope that Cuisinart has a more reliable vendor for there water pumps than Keurig. As that seems to be the big issue with all Keurig machines.

The Good:

-Power Switch is on the side of the machine (compared to the back of the machine on Keurigs)
-Water Tank Size
-Replaceable Charcoal Water filter
-FREE, reusable Keurig coffee filter
-Reliable (so far)....what a concept
-More cup size options
-"Rinse" button
-Pre-set water temps
-Auto On/Off
-Read-Out display clearly states "Not Ready" and "Ready"
-"Hot Water" button will dispense a full cup of hot water (which ever size you have selected will be dispensed in hot water)

The Bad:

-Power Switch is on the side of the machine....PUT IT ON THE FRONT ALREADY!
-Large footprint
-"Low Water Level" flashing blue LEDs are annoying. Its a clear water tank, I can see its low/empty
-Bottom catch/drip tray doesnt stay in place very well
-If you place a K-Cup inside the unit before its "Ready" (see above in The Good), it will not recognize the K-Cup once it is ready to brew. So you must lift and close the access lid one more time to allow it to brew. Not very time saving.
-"Hot Water" button will dispense a full cup of hot water; so if your machine is used primarily for coffee, you will have random loose chunks of old coffee grounds floating around in your cup of hot water since its inevitable to NOT get coffee grounds on the unit.
-Parts are not necessarily dishwasher safe. So I suggest hand washing periodically.

I will try to remember to give a 6-month review on the quality.

*****FOLLOW UP*****
08/01/2010 (175+ K-Cups)

Sadly, this follow-up is not what I had hoped. But, maybe it needs to be de-scaled/cleaned? Anyway, here is the new "problem"....(tsk tsk tsk)

The Setup: The machine, after brewing a cup will "prime" the system by sucking in what I would consider about 1/2 of the water necessary to brew a cup into the system itself. I would think this is done to heat the water inside the system, so the water temperature stays at a more consistent/constant temperature. This makes sense considering the machine has pre-set water temp setting and it must be quite difficult to keep the water exiting the system at a constant temperature.

The Fail: After brewing only one cup, the system triggers the prime function and sucks in how ever many ounces it needs. But, it doesnt suck in any water. The machine makes all the appropriate noises, but the water level inside the tank stays the same and it wont stop! This function normally takes about 3-5 seconds to complete. 10+ seconds later, it still has not achieved anything (poor little water pump)! That will be the number one killer of a water pump is dry-cycling. Argh!!!

So the solution so far is to shut off the unit, turn it back on and viola! It works! Now every time the unit does not have enough water inside, it will always prime itself by pumping in the appropriate amount of water. So this causes the water pump to work 2-3x more than most coffee pots. Maybe its over working the pump?

*Clean/De-Scale the unit: This is recommended every month or so. I have chosen NOT to do it since I use bottled (distilled) water 100% of the time along with the little charcoal filter that comes with it. I dont want to go waste 3 bottles of water cleaning out a system that should be perfectly clean anyway! I would assume the clean/de-scale is meant for people who have good tasting tap water (which we do not have in Las Vegas).

Maybe the charcoal filter is "clogged" and not allowing water to seep through as quickly? Who knows...

Ill update if anything else goes wrong!

*****FOLLOW UP*****

Problem continues as posted above. I have de-scaled the system, but it didn't help. The entire system was perfectly clean and de-scaling did not dislodge anything. Ive come to now realize this isn't really a problem as much as it is an inconvenience. You must cycle the system off/on to make it work. I let it sit a few night ago for about 3 minutes, and it never remedied itself. =0(

*****FOLLOW UP*****
11/27/10 (Unit #2)

Finally had to replace it! The machine has gradually become slower, noisier and overall horribly inefficient. The machine would take forever to heat up, multiple attempts to suck water into the machine from the reservoir and then began dispensing water back into the reservoir and not brewing coffee. Last 5 days before the machine was finally returned for a new unit, brewing coffee was painful and time consuming. Took 3-4 cycles to brew a single 12oz cup. Got it replaced and got a new one last night. Amazingly, this machine really got worn out fast. The new one its a whole lot quieter, faster and some simple things like the on/off switch works a lot easier and other issues.

*****FOLLOW UP*****
03/05/2011 (Unit #3)

The water pump again took a crap on me. The unit and pump had once again slowly gotten noisier and slower. This time (the past few weeks) the unit took about 10 seconds of wait time to simply begin brewing. Just as a reminder. I am the only person using the unit. The unit runs about 1.15 servings a day on average. Pretty crappy reliability. But...more "free" coffee and a new Keurig "Make Your Own" filter. Im up to 3 now!

1329 of 1420 found the following review helpful:

1Why EVERY Coffee Maker FailsDec 15, 2011
By Sezron
I have both Keurig and Cuisinart K cup machines...

About me... I am an embedded systems design engineer and know about control systems and such.

Food processing products should only use parts ( components ) in the water / control systems - internal to the coffee maker - that are "fit for purpose" as designed to be use with WATER.. as a coffee maker uses water.

I have opened several of my failed Keurig and Cusinart K cup machines and found that they are using an AUTOMOTIVE Market Pneumatic Solenoid Valve made in China.. part number SH-V0829...Google this number if you want to check and see this. It is designed for auto seat cushon inflation and has a built in LEAK RATE of 1CC/Min at 4 PSI for air compresser unloading used in seat cushon inflation systems. It is NOT WATER PROOF and DRIPS inside the coffee makers in the transformer and the air pump near the bottom getting the electric motor wet and make it smoke.. My coffee maker was way too young to smoke .. hahha just a joke..

The folk that make this coffee maker IN CHINA think most folk are too stupid to find out about their use of cheep and unfit for purpose components inside their coffee maker. I have attached a DOOR and Hinge on the back of one of my coffee makers that I keep repaired personally.. and buy the replacement control solenoids on ebay to keep my coffee maker working.... THIS SUCKS..... I was ripped off...

I did not pay for a rusty solenoid that leaks water inside my $250.00 coffee machine. When I call Keurig... they do talk some but avoid the topic of this solenoid.. just reading a standard reply statement... When I talk to Cuisinart.. they have nothing to say but want my $10 for shipping a replacement unit... also with the same defective solenoid inside of the same type and part number...

I want to like my coffee maker.... but I do not like being treated like a fool ...

My old Mr Coffee has very nice insides... good design.. and lasted a long time... I am wanting to see Mr Coffee make a K cup that I would like... Cuisinart and Keurig are only about making money .. and not delivering INTERNAL quality of their product with this machine.. They come from the SAME China factory...and they are made using non water proof - no O ring - air only - pneumatic solenoid valves... The part numbers are on the side of the solenoid if you care to open up your machine and look... Do not have it plugged in if you do.. safety first..

I hope you like having RUSTY water in your hot water for making tea and coffee.... the solenoid does rust internally as it is only for air usage...not made for water exposure...

I have photos and also plan to use this experince in a control system class I teach at a University as an example of poor ethics in business manufacturing...

I need not say how MAD I am over this discovery .....and the lack of interest from the folks that make this product..

Barnum and Bailey.. a sucker is born every minute... that must be their motto..

I must be a sucker... THAT SUCKS

276 of 293 found the following review helpful:

4Avoid Clogging Your Machine...Look At The K-Cups!May 27, 2011
By Cal "Cal"
I read a number of these reviews. The horror stories about these machines working and then ceasing to work were more than enough for me to steer clear. When the office I work at bought one of these machines, I figured that this would be my chance to find out just how well this machine worked without having any personal finances in play. Let's face it, these machines are an investment. This machine was so much fun to use, just about everyone in the office jumped on board and bought some version of the K-Cup system. I was more interested in this particular model. So, I watched and waited.

Pretty soon, just like other users, the office Cuisinart ran into problems. A K-Cup would be put in the machine, the Brew button would be pressed, the machine would make sounds as if it was trying to brew, some liquid may start dripping into the cup below, but then nothing. This same problem happened to one of the co-workers who had bought this Cuisinart model for their home. The manual was referred to, troubleshooting ensued, tinkering occurred, but nothing seemed to work. One of the home Cuisinarts ended up going back to the store to be exchanged. An inquisitive co-worker at the office, however, took a straightened paper clip and started poking around. After a number of "pokes" with the paper clip in the part of the machine that is sharp, but hollow that pokes into the K-Cup, the office Cuisinart was back in working order. The co-worker who had replaced their machine at home, again, ran into the same problem. The Cuisinart stopped working. Using a paper clip to clear the same part, the home machine was returned to working order.


While this may not apply to everyone who is running into problems with this Cuisinart model, this may help some of you, thanks to that same paper clip wielding co-worker. And if anything, it may help if you end up purchasing this machine by avoiding one of the problems that may be plaguing others. In my case, the K-Cups come from a lower elevation than where I reside, so there is a LOT of pressure in the K-Cups. Prior to putting the K-Cup in the machine, we poke the cover of the K-Cup. It doesn't really matter where. I favor right in the middle where the Cuisinart machine will eventually poke the K-Cup. Make sure to gently press the lid/foil of the K-Cup down to force out the excessive air. Then you use the machine just as you regularly would. Since coming across this realization and releasing the pressure in the K-Cups, the office Cuisinart machine and the various co-workers with their home Cuisinart machines have reported no more issues. Including myself. I bought one of these machines after running this field test of almost five months. I figure if I try and keep any K-Cups contents from being forced into the machine through the entry needle (the sharp hollow point) in the first place, hopefully, I won't have clogging problems down the line. This may also keep random grounds from ending up in your cup. I'm not sure about the inner workings of this particular machine, so who knows how far interloping K-Cup contents can travel in this machine and what problems they or eventual build-up can actually lead to, but at least for far, so good!

I'm not a coffee drinker at all. But this machine comes in very handy for all the coffee drinkers who visit. I don't have to try to figure out how much to brew, remember who likes what, wait for the coffee to finish, or be stuck with a leftover pot of coffee. You select the size. There is a huge variety of flavors. It is quick. But, it is not cheap. That would be the detractor so far for the K-Cup system as a whole. Also, if you are a Hot Chocolate fan, you probably do not want to add more than 8 ounces of water. I would suspect that Hot Cider is the same. I'm not sure if this is a fad and will eventually go the way of the 8-Track tape, but at least for works and works well for just what I need.

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5cuisinart kcup brewer works greatFeb 22, 2010
By Roy Rothstein "tv expert"
I have been using a Keurig Platinum Machine for about a year now and had to replace it 2 times. Once for both hot and cold water draining out of the bottom of the unit and the second for making expresso size cups when I asked for the 11.25 oz. cup. I returned the Keurig and got this Brand New Cuisinart about 3 weeks ago. It works great, the water container is larger and the max cup size is 12oz. I get great cups of coffee and the machine works beautifully. I use regular tap water with the charcoal filters and the coffee taste is super. So far this machine is the best I have had and I think Cuisinart makes a superior product every time. You can make your own Kcups since Cuisinart has included one in the side of the machine for your delight at no extra cost.

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